Nice World is an order punctuated by chaotic coordinates with ordinary access to remarkable excess. Be it Marcelo Radulovich’s big city smog choked vocals for local folk, or his appetite for appy iPhonic expansions, and penchant for mistreated guitar. Hear Mike Watson throw his subsonic voice while his wooden dummy drinks a glass of water spilling on a slippery fretboard for those bored with frets, as Bill Ray and Barney Firks weave instruction sets for behaviors that get the girl’s and guy’s fancy pants fairly bunched. Jim Call’s socket wrenched drones and sine wave signals reach out into outer space in hopes of calling folks back to the point of origin from which Nice World first emerged.

Dylan Lee Brown: drums
Jim Call: theremin, organ
Barney Firks: bass
Marcelo Radulovich: voice, guitar, electronics

+ a shifting roster of players:
Mike Watson: guitar, voice
Bill Ray: drums
Nathan Hubbard: drums, vibes
Jerome Salazar: bass
Joyce Rooks: cello
Henry Wessman: bass
Joey Carano: guitar


Our new album, Eve of Distortion, is now available in iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other online retailers. Sample track:

It is the twilight of distortion, the dawn of clarity and civility. A nice world of politeness and manners reemerges from the bad old days of boorish vulgarity. Gently dust off your gallantry and cordially walk with us into a courtly sunshine of refinement and courtesy. We reverently join a meek new world of affable sociability. Surly louts are left to churlishly wallow in a rude mire of mutual disrespect. Happy make your fellows and happy make yourself. Grace shall be your portion. Dionysus recedes. Apollo ascends. Play nice…





Our first album, Teenagers in Love, is available at Bandcamp:



Improvisations recorded at Titicacaman Studio 2012-2014


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