Jim Call

James Call has pursued music in The Penetrators; on the Adventures with Paradise radio show on 91X as The Rev; in The Love Monsters; in The Purple Hand; as music editor of Hypno Magazine; as Mr Wonderful in Dreamsville and Taboo; as Music Poobah of Zirk Ubu; in Nicey Nice World; and currently, in Nice World.

Barney Firks

The short list of collaborators: Nice World, -(16)-, Taz Taylor Band, Schmaltz, Ojo Malo, The Shot Out Hoods, Cotton Fever, The Blackdrops, New York Station, Red Eye Gravy, Whiskey Starr, Suicide Kings, Burning Hands, BooB, Sylvia Juncosa Band, WormDrive, Faces Of Drama, Dave’s Brother Phil, Frank Ojibway And The Crustaceans, The Imports, Snowblind, Eruption…and that’s just the ones I can remember playing with, since 1979. I am sure there are others…

Marcelo Radulovich

Born in Santiago, Chile, raised in Costa Rica and California, Marcelo is a musician / multimedia artist / producer currently residing in beautiful Cardiff, CA, where he explores the fringes of art through music, video, words, etc.

Long active in southern California, Marcelo has recorded and produced numerous CDs under his name as well as collaborated with creative players in the area, for a full discography please visit: CDs.

Marcelo has performed and / or collaborated with Nicey Nice World (trio with Jim Call & Joyce Rooks); Me Me the Moth (Neil Carlill); Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Dethklok); David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets); japanese artist Haco; TrummerfloraMerry Go DownThe Playground Slap and others, as well as shared the stage with acts like Tool, Ministry, Adrian Belew and Midnight Oil.

His current projects are Nice World, Son of Radul and his ongoing studio explorations, released under his name.

Bill Ray

Bill Ray pretty much showed up with sticks in his hands. Born into a family of photographers, musicians with teachers ad salesmen scattered throughout, the creative and logical influences that surrounded his youth would provide a constant source of inspiration and curiousity. At the age of 4 his path was clearly lit upon seeing the local drum guru George Lawrence perform a drum solo during a photo shoot at his parent’s photography studio in Jackson, MS.

Since then, he has developed and maintains a worldwide presence via the WWW, played on 150+ albums including Ike Turner‘s 2007 Grammy-Award winning “Risin’ With The Blues”.

BR is currently playing with instrumental rock guitar trio RDG, playing amazing shows with some of the hottest new groups out as well as opening shows for “the old guard”. He also plays with an experimental group called Nice World which is largely music that is borne from experimental means.

Bill endorses  Stone Custom DrumSabian CymbalsPro-Mark DrumsticksAquarian DrumheadsKickport InternationalCympadHumes & BergEtymoticEccentric Systems, and Slug Percussion Products.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson is a San Diego native best known as a standout guitarist/creative collaborator, and has worked with many notable local acts and artists.

Mike has been able to bring some remarkable elements to many of his musical associations, including his finger-style fretless guitar work, and his unusual Basso Profundo-esque vocal accompaniments, both of which are often mistaken as “effected” or “Processed”. He’s also an accomplished songwriter and computer music programmer.

Finding his greatest musical satisfaction as a collaborator, Mike cofounded San Diego Funk-Fusion band “Daddylongleggs” with Damien Dunmore, Robert Walter (Robert Walter’s 20th Congress), & Brian Jordan (Brian Jordan Band/Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe), Played with local reggae rockers “T. Irie Dread”, cofounded “Schmaltz” with Robert Walter, Chris Stillwell, & Zak Najor (Robert, Chris, & Zak of Greyboy Allstars), collaborated on recording project “Fun Size” with Jeff Forrest (of Doubletime Recording Studios), played with local blues-rock heroes “Superunloader” and performed as “Neil & Bob” (acoustic guitar duo with Jimmy Lewis of Superunloader), cofounded “In Case Of Fire” with Danish producer Jens Rossen, reformed “Schmaltz” with Dion Thurman (Creedle), Barney Firks (Wormdrive/Burning Hands), & K.c. Dalton.

Mike currently plays in Nice World.



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